April 5, 2016

Will QuoteCam run on Wondows 7, 8 or 10?

I already have a CAM system, whats different about QuoteCAM?
QuoteCAM is not a CAM system, it does not produce CNC code only estimates, times and costings. Its meant to be used at the quoting stage only and of course its a fraction of the price of CAM software!

I have other software that takes care of burden rate and other costs. Can I use Quotecam just for cycle times?
Yes of course. Many of our larger clients do this.

Does QuoteCAM use both Metric and imperial measurments?

How long does it take to set up the software before I can do my first quote?
You can do your first quote immediately. QuoteCam comes complete with a large database of materials, operations and work centres however you are free to change/modify or remove them. Please also note that QuoteCam allows you to change these things while you are actually doing a quote.

Can QuoteCAM handle multiple parts on one RFQ?
Yes, in fact there is no practical limit to the number of parts that can be contained in a single quote

Do I need any form of CAD product or experience to use QuoteCAM?
No, QuoteCam is a fully stand alone product and does not use CAD at all

Can I change the appearance of the printed quote?
Yes, You can set up your own template in MS Word and QuoteCAM will merge directly with it.

Why can’t I see the material cost or use the analyser?
QuoteCAM protects all cost information with a password. You need to enter the correct password from the “File” menu.

Can I change the size of the batch?
Yes. If you have done a full quote based on a particular batch size QuoteCam will instantly re-calculate and ammortise all the setting costs into the new quantity.

Can QuoteCam make allowances for scrap?
Yes, Quotecam will include all costs associated with replacing scrapped parts without affecting the quoted quantity.

Can QuoteCam re-use old quotes?
Yes, If you are asked to quote on a similar or identical job you have done before simply use the “copy quote” button and change just the operations that need it.

Does QuoteCam take into consideration consumable tooling (inserts etc)?
Yes, the costs of carbide inserts (or any other form of consumable items) are factored into the quote either per batch or per part.

Is QuoteCAM a multi-user product?
Yes, QuoteCam supports full simultaneous and concurrent users on a single database. This means that you team of estimators can all use Quotecam at the same time whilst sharing the common database.

What about sub-contract operations (outside of our shop)?
No problem, with QuoteCam you can simply add the costs associated with any sub contract operation such as heat treatment or plating etc and include it in the routing.

I hate reading help files, is there any other form of help?
Yes, QuoteCAM ships with a large selection of instructional videos, you can find these under the “Help/Videos” menu.

I changed my burden rate from the calculator on the “Tools” menu but it did not update the system, why not?
All the calculators including the financial ones are made available for quick reference use in the Tools menu. This allows the user to get a fast answer without having to start a quote however none of the results are stored. To update your burden rate correctly use the calculator in the “Options” menu

How do I make a different profit margin on my material than I do on the other process’s?
When using the Analyser there is a box labeled “separate material markup” tick this box and enter the required margin.