QuoteCam Machine shop estimating

fast and accurate

You cannot know your profit until you know your cost.

machining times

QuoteCam offers a wide range of machining simulators for Milling, Turning and hole machining to accurately estimate machine cycle times.

Batch/Part Analysis

QuoteCam has a totally unique analyser that graphically displays the cost of manufacturing each part in the batch and lets you instantly calculate a selling price based on margin, mark-up or other “what if” scenarios.

Easy to learn and use

For the ultimate ease of use QuoteCam uses a “Drag & Drop”  interface, and to keep things moving along you can add new workcentres, process’s and materials on the fly.
Its simple clean and clear layout means anyone can Master it in just a few minutes of use.


QuoteCam the ultimate estimating software for machine shops since 2008.
No one ever said that running a machine shop was easy.

QuoteCam has been designed to give small and medium, sized machine shops the kind of financial information that large manufacturers have had for years.

Many shop owners simply do not have the time or the resources to fully appraise the cost of doing business so when it comes to quoting for work they only take into consideration the most obvious factors. Normally they cost the material, the labour, take a thumb suck at the time to machine then simply add a mark up.

One of the most common complaints heard from small to medium sized engineering companies is that the shop is always busy but we just dont seem to make any money! QuoteCam will show you why.

QuoteCam is not a huge, top heavy company integrated ERP system that will take months to install and learn how to use. No its a simple stand alone system that has been designed to be installed and used within just a few minutes. Your own shop data can be entered on the fly while you are working and it also comes with a large library of commonly machined materials ready to go!

Unlike other estimating systems on the market QuoteCam goes much deeper than simply calculating a cycle time. For example, use QuoteCam to easily establish your shops overhead burden rate or to calculate exactly what a machine tool really does cost to own and operate.

And when you have a true cost of production use the batch analyser to add your margins and refine your pricing with "what if" scenarios such as changing batch sizes and sub contract costs etc.

  • Ready to use

    Quotecam ships complete with a huge library of materials and cutting data plus add your own on the fly.

  • Totally Customisable

    Creates detailed quotes formatted the way you want it on your own letterhead

  • fast and accurate

    Built in estimating calculators for all common forms of machining

  • Flexible and adaptable

    Immediately adapt complex quotes for new batch sizes, scrap allowance and more


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